In opposition to the virtual, triggered style of today’s recording, Giada J’s songs were tracked, in a Nashville style recording technique with the band playing live to a click, to give them a credible, pure singer-songwriter/pop sound. Giada J and Mariano Mattei are co-producing the songs out of Philly Sound Studios. The band was comprised of Giada J (acoustic guitar, piano, vocals), Anthony Liberto (drums), Tom Nataloni (bass), Michael Greco (guitar) and Tom Conran as engineer. The tracks were mastered by Andy VanDette (David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Uncle Kracker, Rush, Deep Purple, and Porcupine Tree). During one of the studio production sessions, Giada J met famed producers Doug Grigsby (Teena Marie, Michael Jackson, Rick James, Cher, Paula Abdul) and Rena Sinakin (Gladys Knight, McFadden & Whitehead, John Lennon’s Band Elephant’s Memory, Richie Havens) who helmed the production of “Hush”. Background vocals for “Hush” were provided by Stephen Wise (Boyz II Men, The Roots, Britney Spears, and Teena Marie).